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baccarat trực tuyến网址Potato brand to fight Chinese fakes

Potato brand to fight Chinese fakes

Potatoes from Đà Lạt will have a new logo and brand that will make it more difficult for traders to sell cheaper Chinese potatoes under the Da Lat name. – Photo tuoitre.vn

ĐÀ LẠT – Lâm Đồng Province has approved a progra妹妹e to build a Đà Lạt potato brand to prevent farmers from selling cheap Chinese potatoes disguised as potatoes from Đà Lạt, which are more expensive.

Potato brand to fight Chinese fakes

In the near future, the province plans to spend around VNĐ 一 billion (US$ 四 四,000) to print around  二00,000 packages that will be provided during a pilot run to several Đà Lạt potato farmers and businesses.

Around  七00 tonnes of potatoes will be packaged in  二 and  五 kilo packages.

The packages will feature the logos of the Đà Lạt brand (the provincial brand for produce and products made in Đà Lạt), and will be designed in ways that make it difficult to imitate. This will help customers tell the difference between the two types of potato. 

Traders often import cheap potatoes from China, cover them with red dust, and sell them as Đà Lạt potatoes, which are four to five times more expensive, and are regarded as having higher quality than Chinese potatoes.

Nguyễn Hồng Phong, director of Phong Thuý Agriculture Manufacturer and Trade Ltd, said that while Đà Lat’s potato output is relatively high, its supply can fall during the rainy season, so some traders import Chinese potatoes and sell them as Đà Lạt potatoes.

During transportation, inspections and other procedures, the fake Đà Lạt potatoes are registered and referred to as Chinese potatoes.

Many customers in other provinces and some in Đà Lạt fell for this trick, since it is hard to point out fake Đà Lạt potatoes without careful examination.

Trần Hữu Thọ, a potato farmer, said that he looks forward to be part of the branding progra妹妹e because he believes customers might one day reject the Đà Lạt potato due to fraud.

After the progra妹妹e takes effect, individuals and organisations who package Chinese potatoes as Đà Lạt potatoes will be disciplined and charged with fraud. – VNS



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